Global Operations & Partnerships

Theradex recognizes that the expansion and specification of cancer biology knowledge combined with our client's varied global drug development plans requires the formation of strategic alliances to expand Theradex's global presence and meet our sponsors' strategic international goals.

Theradex has been providing full oncology clinical trial services in the US and Europe for over three decades. Theradex US operations are based in Princeton, New Jersey and EU operations are based outside London in the United Kingdom.

Global support for statistical services and programming are based centrally at the Theradex headquarters.

Theradex has collaborated with Japanese sponsors for over 25 years, regularly traveling to Asia to meet with sponsors and strategic partners. As oncology trial patient eligibility becomes more selective, Theradex believes that smaller studies of more refined cancer patient populations will be of greater importance. Theradex has expanded its interactions within Japan, South Korea and Taiwan to enable access to a greater variety of cancer patients.

Theradex can help you navigate through the challenges of trials for specific target populations. New trial designs and endpoints present new challenges in the conduct of early and later phase oncology trials.